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Here’s a Little Lesson in Horse Racing History

Horse racing has been known for centuries in some form or another. In the Roman era, there were chariot races that determined the best rider and horse partnership of all. Horse-back riding has since then been incorporated into a sport and now you can bet on the horse and jockey duo that you think is best.

A History of Horse-back Riding

It was actually the nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia that we have to thank for horses racing, indirectly. Even though horse racing became common way after the number of horses grew to over 1000 in the early 1800s. Horses were also imported from abroad due to the inclination towards greater agriculture and continued settlement at that time.

The perilous transportation of horses from England meant that we received most of our horses from The Cape and from India. The limited number of thoroughbreds and part thoroughbred horses that that we received from these countries had Arabian lineage and blood, hence the need to thank the central Asian nomadic tribesmen for their contribution.

Horse Racing Comes About

The 17th century had just begun and there were a group of 3 explorers that made their way across the Blue Mountain Range and found out about the lush plains that stretched before their eyes. Squatter took hold of the land and settled their livestock with them in these plains.

The new territory however and the great pastures invoked a demand of horses as a means of transport and more. The small villages that were close to 120 miles from Sydney became regional towns of great importance. Growing financial interests in commerce and agriculture gave way to a select group of the middle class. The population of horses grew and so improved the breeding practices and the development of horse racing as a sport.

In time, we are presented with the present shape of horse racing as we know it. It is an ever popular sport that can be you can bet on, online, thanks to the emergence of technology and the internet. Horse racing is one of the most gambled and popularly viewed sports of all time, globally. There are licensed operators out there to help you bet on prized horses hassle free. Just check out this BlueBet Review.

Betting on Horses

If you’re thinking of betting on horses for the first time, the paddock is the best place to look for the horses you are trying to bet on. The Paddock is where the horses are saddled before a race begins. It’s a good practice to check out the horses before you pick your bet.

The horses are taken out and walked around the ring before the race to help you select your horse. Ideally, the horse you pick should be relaxed but still alert. It should be light on its feet, well-groomed with a shine on its coat. A horse that is sweating profusely is probably not a good bet because it is a sign that the horse is tired even if it was well cared for.

Consistency of horse and jockey records is also something that you should keep in mind.

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